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August 6, 2009

decisionsAll of us have to make them. There is no way you will get through life without having to deal with them. Sometimes you have no choice and you are left to deal with the consequences of someone else’s. Sometimes they are easy, sometimes hard. They are DECISIONS.

As I deal with counseling people I find that often people that come to see me have made decisions, are looking for God’s guidance in decisions, or are dealing with the consequences of a bad decision. Our life is nothing more than a series of decisions we make added together to produce an equation that we call life. Sometimes they make sense and are easy, like, “Ben, do you like brussel sprouts?” The answer is easy, NOT AT ALL! I don’t have to think about it or even “pray” about it. Sometimes they are hard, and you have to deal with the good and bad of the choice. So what processes or things should you do before making a major decision? Here are a few things to consider:

1.              Seek God. Sounds cliché coming from a pastor, but the truth is many times people do not try to find what God would have them do. They react to circumstances and are left to deal with the ramifications of their impulsiveness. He might not answer right away, but I believe Jesus said something about “keep knocking.”

2.              Get counsel from someone you trust. I have a couple of people that all my decisions get filtered through. They are Godly, and they love me either way. They are not afraid to tell me the hard truth. Don’t surround yourself with people who only tickle your ears. People who love you tell you the hard stuff.

3.              Think. Use your head. Engage your mind. Andy Stanley wrote a book called “The Best Question Ever,” in which he said that before you make any decision you should ask yourself “what’s the wise thing to do?” This is a critical question you should ponder and marinate on.

4.              Go back and seek God again. You will never do this too much.

5.              Finally, don’t hesitate. Once you have gone through a logical sequence of things, and know what to do, pull the trigger. The more you wait, the more you will waver and never do what you know you re supposed to do. Once you do, don’t look back. It might be scary and might not make all the sense in the world, but own your decision.

May you be led by God through the travels of this life. May you not be afraid, but embrace the decisions you have before you because they reflect God’s working in your life. May you be full of wise, Godly people that will encourage yet challenge you. And may you forever lean on God for His direction in your life.



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  1. Tiffany permalink
    August 6, 2009 4:02 pm

    Thank you… I needed that! 🙂

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