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July 28, 2009

crossroadCrossroads. We all have them. Some if not all of us do not like them. They scare us because we think one choice is right and one is wrong. I embrace them. When I come to a crossroad, I know that it is because God has brought me to this point because He has something for me. It is a place in life where we are forced to think, not about the moment or about the past, but about the future. It is a place of life-change.

The danger with crossroads is that we rush through them to quickly. I am impatient and will make a decision quickly and decisively. (It’s the basketball coach in me!) I am able to quickly scan the situation, find the solution, and pull the trigger living with whatever happens. This is a flaw of mine when it comes to leadership sometimes. Sometimes it works, and other times it’s a disaster for the teams I lead. When I come to a crossroad, I force myself to pause and let God deal with me.

Crossroads of life need to take time. When major opportunities are in front of you, and you know they are of God, take your time. Maybe we need to see that God does not give just one option. Maybe the crossroads have two good options and God will be with us either way. We all think that God has only one plan for our life, but maybe the plan is bigger than we think. What if the plan for our life is to simply expand the Kingdom of God and either choice of the crossroad will get that accomplished? If that’s the case, then either choice will be the “Godly” choice.

Crossroads shake us up. They disrupt the comforts of normal life and force us into something else. They make us see things different, and usually when we make the choice, there is no turning back. Sounds a lot like following Christ? Maybe that is why it is called a “Cross”road…

May you embrace the choices you have today both small and large. If you are at a major crossroad in life, may you embrace the presence of God in that moment. May you see yourself in a much bigger picture than just the results of the choice. May you walk boldly in the path God has laid in front of you, and may you do so in the power of the Spirit.



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