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Tough Medicine

February 23, 2009

What a weekend for! Since my last “Sunday Unwound” post, we have been in our new location for 4 weeks, and it has been really amazing what God is doing. I am humbled each Sunday as God continues to change lives, and uses us as a church to develop people into what He wants them to be. Through this process I have learned, and am still learning, a lot. Going from a church of 60 to over 500 in less than a month has been more than a stretch, but good mentors and “on the job” training is helping me cope.
I am also learning church planting and growth at the same time. This is exciting and heartbreaking at the same time. I have read dozens of books on church planting, church growth, and church leadership/administration and many of them say much of the same things. Reading facts, and applying or seeing these facts in action is much more difficult. Balancing the health of the church as a whole and health of individuals is a tug on my heart I have not experienced before. Watching people walk away because the church is too big is a tough pill to swallow. Not being able to talk to everyone on Sundays is a tough pill to swallow. Having to remove people from leadership because they can’t handle where the church is going, is a tough pill to swallow. I feel like a kid taking medicine, I have to swallow the medicine, it hurts on the way down, but in the end, it will allow us to survive. Many of the pills, I have read about in books, or had people tell me they were coming, but now that I am doing it…it’s tough. I am getting better at it, and by the time I get good at it, we will have moved to another growth level, and there will be more to swallow.
Am I complaining? NO! I love how God is growing our church. The reason I share this is for a couple of reasons:
1. For other planters and Pastors out there: When you pray for your church to grow, get ready. It will require much more than you think. If you are not able to let go of some things (including people) sustained growth won’t happen. You might get a crowd, but assimilating and developing those people will fail. Crowds don’t change the world, disciples do. Crowds are important, but they cannot be the end goal.
2. For the people of Don’t get comfortable! We are not going to be at this level long. So many new people are coming each week, and it is our honor to welcome them into our family. They are searching for what we know. God loves them, wants to change their lives, and spend eternity with them.

Okay world, with this post, I am back in the blogosphere. I commit myself to write more often, and appreciate all you emails “encouraging” me to write more. I will be taking this blog in a little different direction, but be sure to check back daily as I will be trying to post that often. Go out this week and Know Christ…and Make Him Known!

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