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Sunday Unwound

January 12, 2009

I honestly do not know how to describe today. After spending about 11 hours at the church yesterday working with an amazing group of volunteers, the energy in the place was palpable. We cut a window out for our new guest services area, un-mounted and hung two screens, put in a new coffee bar, kids check in area, set up 130 new chairs so we can now seat 200, and completely cleaned out our storage trailer. All in one day! So here are my thoughts on this morning:
* With all the changes it was cool to see people looking around like a kid on Christmas morning. I kept hearing “look at that,” or “did you see this?” It created energy that had an anticipatory vibe. February 1 is coming…
* Had some new families as a result of the billboards. (Hard to believe since they had only been up for three days.) I got to meet them, and when I asked how they heard about us, they said they saw the billboards and then checked the website. Makes all the marketing research worth it. February 1 is coming…
* The GenesisKIDS department had 16 kids. Awesome. Can’t wait to see how many kids will be here on February 1…it’s coming….
* While the place looked empty because of all the new chairs, today was one of the largest non-event days. We will have them full on February 1…did I mention it’s coming?
* Arron and the band did a stripped down acoustic set, and it was really great. The song, “I Offer My Life,” was probably the best of the day. People were connecting to the song and ultimately to God. Connecting people to God is exactly what we want to do…even more so on February 1! It’s right around the corner…
* It is humbling to do what I do. Still have a hard time believing that of all the people in the world, He called me to lead this group of people on an unforgettable faith journey.
* Our church started a corporate 21 day fast today leading up to February 1st. Hearing the things that people are fasting is really neat. Some are fasting Facebook, Starbucks (not me, I am not that “spiritual,”) meals, secular music, and all kinds of things. Me? Brenda and I decided that we will have our whole family involved. Each night at 8:30 we shut off all tvs, video games, etc and all pile in the living room for 30 minutes of God time. We will do it a little different each night and allow the girls to reach God in their own way. Tonight, Mackenzie made a prayer list and Cadence drew a picture of the manger scene (complete with Wise Men. When I asked why one was outside the stable, she said “So he wouldn’t step on the chickens!” my bad…) Brenda and I read the bible for a little while, then I read with the girls out loud, then we all prayed as a family. Each taking turns praying for our family, the church, and the city. Fasting does not always have to be about food. It’s about replacing some “normal” parts of life with God time. Try it! Join us as we prepare for, you guessed it, February 1.

If you haven’t figured it out, February 1 is a huge day in the history of It is a day that God has ordained for us to make an even bigger impact on Tallahassee than we already have. I am excited, our church is excited, and I hope you are too! Go out this week and Know Christ…and…Make Him Known!

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  1. January 12, 2009 2:50 pm

    Hey Ben!

    I know for me and my family…we are looking forward to getting to know you and your family better.

    Even though we will miss Pastor Phil and Evie (especially my kids), we know God has a plan and purpose for everything, and are excited to see what’s in store for us and Genesis!

    See you on the 1st.

    ~The Fitzpatrick Family. 🙂

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