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January 8, 2009

1058866621_mShifting gears is part of life. It is about knowing when to make the right changes that will propel you into future success. is at a place that we need to shift gears for long term success. It is an exciting time in our church’s history as we move forward and I want you to get ready for another amazing part of our faith journey. So here is a couple of the announcements that were made last night. First the bad news…

Pastor Phil Harris has accepted a position as Associate Pastor, serving alongside his brother, Kevin, who is the Senior Pastor. This is an incredible opportunity for Pastor Phil, and one that did not come except by prayer and fasting. Getting the opportunity to serve God alongside of your brother is rare, but this is more of a God thing than a brother thing. In Pastor Phil’s words “It’s a God thing, and to not go, would be a thing of disobedience.” There are no words that could attempt to describe the size of the whole he is leaving us with. He is not replaceable, both as a leader and a person. He will be missed, yet his new church will be blessed more than they know.

Now for the GREAT NEWS…

Effective February 1st, 2009 both the Midtown and West Campuses will merge and become one massive church! We will begin meeting at the West Campus which from now will be referred to as the Blountstown Location. This exciting merge will provide a enormous list of positives, and while I will not try to list them all, here are few:

1. It’s a God thing. Pastor Brian was awaken in the middle of the night a few weeks back with a God led plan. This move will allow us to do way more now than we have been doing in ministry. We will no longer just be keeping the doors open, but will have the ability to empower and resource you to be the church we are meant to be.
2. We will have combined resources and equipment. With two campuses fully operating, we will be able to make our already excellent experiences truly remarkable.
3. We will have a leadership surplus. With amazing volunteer teams at both campuses merging, we will be able to expand and do more than we ever could before.
4. It’s a financial stabilizing move. No one is exempt from the economic times that we live in, including churches. By letting go of the annex and the midtown rental location, we will be able to cut one of the biggest parts of our overhead. This cut will allow us to retain all current staff members and if nothing else changes some surplus that we can utilize to minister to our community.

Some of you have a ton of questions right now, but let me hit the ones that many are asking:

1. What happens to me? I am going to become the Executive Pastor of Families as well as a teaching pastor. I will head up discipleship, oversee the leaders of GenesisKIDS, continue with all counseling duties, share in some of the teaching responsibilities with Pastor Brian, and help in the day-to-day operations of the church. Many of the things I have already been doing, but now it is on a much bigger scale. I am excited about this role and my ability to help be all it can be.
2. What happens to Arron? Arron will be utilized as a vital part of our Sunday Experiences as well as continuing to lead the Diverge Band. He will also be utilized in our Fuse College ministry. I will let him speak or himself on the subject, and you can do that here.
3. Is there enough room for both campuses plus all the new people we are expecting as a result of the marketing plan? I hope not! We will open the doors with 2 services and be ready to go to 3 within weeks. After that, who knows, maybe a Saturday night service…

These lists could go on and on, but for the sake of brevity I will close this out. If you have questions, comments, or concerns you can leave them here or email me at

Make no mistake, this is a God thing. We are not backing up, we are not regressing, we are doing the right thing at the right time of our journey. We will come together on February 1st and begin to be what God wants us to be: a church of influence in a city that desperately needs it. So go out this week and know Christ…and…MAKE HIM KNOWN!

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