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New Years Day Thoughts

January 1, 2009

So the New Year is upon us and that means a time of reflection for most people. We look back on the good and bad of 2008, and then forward to 2009. What will you do better? What will you do more or less of? What does God have in store for you this year? SO here are some thoughts about life,, and yes…me.
• 2008 was a year of stretching for a lot of people. I watched people go through some of the toughest economic times I have ever lived through. Things seem to be getting better (gas prices are down) and we might have lived through the worst of it. God provides for those who are faithful.
• I am anxious to see what is in store under the leadership of our new president. Yes I said OUR new president. Whether I voted for him or not is not the issue. I will support the man in his office. I will pray for him to have wisdom, patience, and guidance as I have for the last few presidents. Will change really happen, we will only see.
• is a lot like Tallahassee weather. If you don’t like it, stick around it will change! We have seen more change in any one year than most churches see in 20, and it is not over. As we grow in numbers and influence, be ready for God to continually change us into what He wants for us to be. Some of our changes have been a direct result of God’s plan for us, and some of our changes have been as a result of what has happened to us. Our story is not over, it’s still being written and I am honored to be a part of it.
• Okay for me? What are my resolutions, you ask? Well, here we go…
• I am going to take people up on babysitting this year. People have offered, and Brenda and I politely decline, but that will stop. We need to spend more time together. I wish I could say we have date nights, but in reality, we have none. Yes we have family nights a lot, but a night for just her and I, never. I know how many people are about to bash me, but hey, I am changing it now. So if you are a competent adult that wants to spend a few hours with three amazing kids, let me know!
• I will FINISH my Doctorate this year. I am so close that I can already hear people calling me Dr. Liles. Gonna be weird, but in all honesty, most people won’t call me that because I won’t tell most people. Except Brenda, she will address me as Dr. Liles around the house! It has been a long, hard process. If I would have known it was going to be this hard, I am not sure I would have started.
• I will read more books of my choice this year. Don’t get me wrong, I read, but mostly has been textbooks and research books. I did get to read a few good books last year, but not enough. I enjoyed “11 Relationships…” by Sweet and “Tribes” by Godin probably the most. Thanks to Josh Lane for the hookup on the Godin book!
• I want to expand my musical library. I have all kinds of music, but I am ready for something new and challenging. Some music I listen to because I like to music, some because I like the depth of lyrics, but I am ready for something that will really challenge the spiritual depth of my soul. The last CD that really did that was Jeremy Riddle’s release “Full Attention.” There has been a ton of great music in the last few years by United, Fee, Tomlin, Foreman, etc but I am ready for something to move me. Something to challenge who I am as a Christ-Follower.
• I will stop yelling at the TV during Kentucky Wildcat Basketball games…as much.
• I’ll try to stop laughing at stupid people…as much. Maybe its not their fault they are stupid, uh oh, I think I just became one. HAHA I just laughed at myself.
• (This one has been given to me by Brenda.) I will cook her a meal from the Carrabba’s menu twice a month. I wonder if I took her to Carrabba’s on one of our date nights if that would count? Double up, baby!
• I will blog more often. If I go a little too, long between posts, I hear about it. Honestly, I appreciate it. I guess I did not realize that as many people read my teachings, thoughts, and ramblings. I have had wonderful stories from leaders who read and get a new idea or some encouragement, or just a laugh, and for that it is worth it. Thanks for all the comments and emails, they keep me going.
• I will continue my workout routine that I restarted this week. Yes I hurt, but I feel better about myself.
• And Last but not least, I will seek God on levels I never have before. Everyday I will strive to know Him more than I did before, and then allow Him to mold me into the person, husband, father, and pastor that He wants me to be. After all, isn’t that really all we should strive to do?

Okay, have a great day and let’s make 2009 a year of personal growth, church explosion, and spiritual depth! Buckle up and hold on…

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  1. Shawnda permalink
    January 2, 2009 4:32 pm

    Sign us up to babysit any time! If it is a night that we have Joshua, then we will have the four kids! The more the merrier!

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