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Sunday Rewound

December 22, 2008

It never gets old watching the growth of our church. I love watching God develop a group of people into the church he wants us to be. Today was no exception. Visitors that were in attendance last week came back and said they have found their home church, members are meeting new people each week, and a true vision of God’s church is actually happening. Today was our Christmas Experience called “Star,” and was one of our best experiences to date.

·      The temperature in Tallahassee is driving me crazy. Literally the temp dropped 20 degrees outside between the beginning and end of the experience. And it was only 75 minutes long!

·      The experience opened up with a dance by some of the kids in GenesisKIDS. They rocked it out and was a tremendous way to kick off the morning. Great job to all the kids, and Brenda for choreography. Was really, really good!

·      Today was a very complicated day. Lots of media, moving backgrounds, videos, and sound and lighting changes, but the Media Team did an amazing job making it happen without a hitch. It was seamless, and the flow was great. Great job you guys for making it a great day. Being a media driven church means you better have talented people, and the West Campus definitely has talented people.

·      Music was tremendous. We had a great mix of traditional Christmas songs, but then we had some of our normal worship music. My goal today was for us to have some music for all the unbelievers in the room, but also to have a time for the same unbelievers to feel the presence of God through the worship of others. The believers worshipped, and the presence of God was evident to many.

·      Pastor Brian brought a message called “Star,” that was amazing. Everyone in the room left with something. The believers and the unbelievers alike walked away in some way different.

·      Arron finished out the message with a solo of the Relient K song “Celebrate the Day.”  …Awesome…

·      To all those who make West such an amazing place for people to begin, and continue their faith journey…THANK YOU! We are only getting started as February 1st is closing in on us. Get Ready!!!


Also Brenda and I thank you very much for the wonderful gift we were given today. It means a lot to know you care, and we love you all very much. You are our family.

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  1. Michelle permalink
    December 22, 2008 3:32 am

    Today was an amazing day. I think it was my best Christmas experience at church since I have been going. The music, I agree was amazing, as usual. I am so blessed to call Genesis West my church and to be a staff member. We love you and your family and we are so glad to call you our family as well. Keep Rockin on Pastor Ben!!

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