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Sunday Rewound

December 15, 2008

With all the hustle and bustle of the Christmas Season, I think I look forward to Sundays more. Yes there is a ton of stress behind each Sunday, but then there is “that moment.” It is when you look around at tons of volunteers serving, families coming in together, people having meaningful relationships, and you realize that the church is functioning the way God intended. The sleepless nights of worry, strategic planning, and hours of prayers all come together and for a brief moment, I can relax and know it is all going to be okay. God is blessing the church, and in turn, people are doing the best they can to be a true follower of Christ. I need those moments, I cherish those moments, and this past Sunday was no exception.

·      There was a different feeling this week from all the college students. Probably had something to do with Finals Week being over. They all looked so relieved!

·      The West Campus looks amazing! There were around 30 people here on Wednesday night decorating and it paid off. Then Brenda and my girls came up on Saturday afternoon and finished the tree and it looks great as well. My wife is crazy in how she does lights, some kind of wrap the lights around each branch thing instead of just going around the tree. It’s so hard, but it looks tremendous. From the foyer to the stage, the place looks wonderful.

·      Had some more visitors today and they loved the place and can’t wait to come back! I love having visitors, but love it even more when they can’t wait to get back.

·      The band did really well again as a whole, but there were a few shining moments. While we really missed Ryan and Jennifer LaValle Sunday, it was great having Justin Hall fill in on bass. He did a great job, and if you know Justin, you better keep an eye on him, I believe God has huge things for this guy. The other huge shining moment for me was a guitar solo by Flint Archer. This dude rocked out an electric guitar solo at the beginning of  “Oh, Come All Ye Faithful,” that was unbelievable. Had a clean, clear, amazing vibe that carried into the song. Flint, you rocked bro.

·      Pastor Phil Harris taught this week. So in the last three weeks, the West Campus has heard Pastor Brian Hunter, Pastor Phil Harris, and oh yeah me. How in the world did I get in with those guys?! In any case, this is the advantage of video venue church. Multiple teachers and multiple styles. Pastor Phil did an amazing job talking about principles for a successful marriage. Hysterical funny, just like Pastor Phil!

·      After the experience ended, I noticed a problem. Our Toys For Tots box is overflowing. Seriously, there are presents on the ground that Guest Services couldn’t get in the box. Selfless giving is what God is about, and you guys have made me proud. If you have any more gifts to bring, drop them of at the Annex before Tuesday.

·      I am stoked about our Christmas Experience next week called “Star.” It’s gonna rock! Make plans to be there and be sure to bring a friend!

·      This Wednesday is the West Campus Christmas Party. Bring a dessert, and a wrapped gift (under 10 bucks) for the White Elephant Gift exchange. It’s going to be a blast so don’t miss it!


Okay, that is enough for today so go out this week and Know Christ and…MAKE HIM KNOWN!

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