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Mind Dump

December 9, 2008

So it has been a couple of weeks since my last “dump,” and that means my mind has once again become full of new random thoughts and observations. I have had some new music, books, and other things so now, another Mind Dump:

·      Currently Reading – Plethora of text books trying to fight my way through this Doctorate Program. It’s harder than I thought it would be, and has taken me much longer than anticipated. But I am reading some other things. I am reading “Tribes,” by Seth Godin. It’s an interesting book with a new take on leadership. If you have ever read anything by Godin, you will know that he sees things different. I am also reading a fiction book, which does not happen often. I try to read some of it as I lay in bed to try to get my brain to shut down so I can sleep. I am reading “Playing for Pizza,” by John Grisham. Easy read, good story, and well worth the decompression time.

·      On the Ipod – So this is not a new download, but definitely one of my favs around Christmas time. It is “Christmas With The Rat Pack.” That’s right, Frank, Sammy, Dean, and Joey belting out Christmas favprites like only they can. I know these guys are not the models of upstanding Christian men, but come on, can’t you just see Dean with a scotch, a cigar, and some background ladies singing “Baby, It’s Cold Outside!”  These icons of music put out a great Christmas CD. And just for the record I am not one of the billions of people who have downloaded Brittany’s new album. While I have a new outlook on her, I am not a fan of her music…yet.

·      My Basketball Team – No I do not mean the Kentucky Wildcats. Many of you know I was hired as the Head Basketball Coach at a high school here in Tallahassee. We have not one a game yet. It’s tough because they have not won hardly any in the previous couple of years, and now we are playing schools bigger than us, and it is tough on my guys. They are getting better, and will win some before the end of the year. It is draining me though. Many of you ask why in the world I would pick up a second job that is so time consuming. It is simple. I VALUE Christian education, and it was the only way I could afford to put my kids in a Christian school. Nothing against public schools, but it did not work for us last year, we tried. So we do whatever it takes to put our family values first, even if that means sacrifices, long nights on a bus, and little sleep. My kids are worth it.

·      West Launch – February 1, 2009 is the launch day!!!!! I am over my head in overseeing the renovations like painting the outside of the buildings, installation of new flooring in the kids building, new chairs, and the most important part – MARKETING! If you think your church does not need to market because you think everyone knows where you are…you are delusional and need to wake up! Sorry if that was rough, but seriously, think about this. Everyone knows where the closest McDonald’s is, but do you think that stops them from marketing?

·      I love Christmas Time!

·      I love boiled custard! Many of you do not know what that is, but once you taste the nectar of the Christmas Gods, you will thank me!

·      I disagree with everyone who says gift cards are not personal. I think they are great! They allow people to get whatever they want, when they want, and that is great. Have I ever purchased one for my wife? Absolutely! And we are still married. Will that be all she ever gets? No. I want to stay married, but guys, pick up your wife a gift card to a place like a Vera Bradley store, or Bed Bath and Beyond, or her favorite place for a manicure or pedicure, and see what happens. Don’t make it her only gift, but she will like it…or you can blame me.



Okay that is pretty much it for today.  I hope it made you smile, think a little, maybe it is just something that lets you know a little more about me. Now I gottta go, Frank Sinatra is about to belt out White Christmas!

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  1. brenda permalink
    December 17, 2008 2:03 pm

    i love you.

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