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Sunday Rewound

December 8, 2008

Sunday was a great day at the West Campus! After what happened last Sunday, I was expecting no less. So here’s the recap:

·      We got a great surprise as Ruth Givens was in our experience. She is a member that actually lives in Macon, and watches online. She came “home” to Tallahassee and it was great to see her!

·      I got to listen to the band warmup and even that early you could tell it was going to be a great morning. We were missing our rockin chick drummer, so we were a boyband, but they did great. Flint stepped in on drums and did a really good job. They are really getting close to having that “click,” moment when a band solidifies. This band has been together less than a year, and the future is going to be huge for them!

·      The first impressions team did another outstanding job. This group of people is serious about making people feel welcome, and who shouldn’t feel welcome in church!?!

·      Had a great crowd. Don’t know the final numbers but it looked full and felt great.

·      Pastor Brian brought it! He went old school in his delivery and taught on the importance of being in the House of God. It was timely and the crowd was definitely into it! At one point he even said, “I am about to preach in here!” Awesome!

·      One of my favorite times at West on Sunday morning is after the service is over and people are just hanging out. You can overhear people making plans to go to lunch, hang out during the week, study together, etc. There is a real community being built and it great to see God putting people together so they can share life together.



Okay this is a busy week so let me remind you that this Wednesday we will be decorating the West Campus. If you can hang lights, lift a tree into the stand, or just want to hang out, then be at the church at 7:00PM for the decorating chaos to ensue!!!

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