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Sunday Rewound – God Showed Up

November 30, 2008

If you say the phrase, “…and then God showed up,” to anyone who has been in church very long, they will know exactly what that means. Generally this phrase is reserved for the more classically known Pentecostal outbreak. It is when things that were not planned begin to happen (at least they say they were not planned.) It is kind of a crowning moment for the local church. It is almost a way to validate what is going on. This morning, in our church, a church of many new believers, “God showed up.” But, it was different. Please let me explain.

             I hate this phrase. I understand why we say it, and do not mind when people say it, but I have a church of new believers that if they heard this would be totally confused. God really did not show up all of a sudden. He was and is always there. He resides in us, and as we live and breathe, God is there. In our darkest moments of hidden sin, God is there. In our greatest victories, God is there. In the moments of confusion and stress, God is there. God loves you and is never NOT there. I think what happened this morning is that there was recognition of His presence, and for some it was the first time. People felt, yes felt, the reality of God in their life. So I want to rewind how I know God’s presence was felt.

            * I saw a husband and wife come to the altar expecting her health to be restored. I anointed her with oil, and we believed together that God will once again heal her. I looked into her eyes and saw a confidence that can only be rooted in something divine.

            * I saw people crying out to God in prayer as Arron and the band played. It was an acoustic set, and they were obedient as they followed their hearts.

            * I watched our bass player put down his instrument and go to the altar to pray. It takes a ton of courage to come down off the stage and simply go to God in prayer. It might not sound that hard, but it is. Trust me.

            * I prayed for numerous people, and every one was for different reasons, but with the same purpose. People understand they are a child of God and that in that moment, He wanted to be with them. They brought their worship and their needs, and I believe lives were changed. Seriously changed. Not just a short term, but a genuine life change.


            This could be the most “churchy” post I have ever written, but this morning was very different for our church. We are still building and growing towards our Launch Date of February 1, 2009, and I fully believe that God is preparing us spiritually for what is about to happen. We can do a lot of physical labor, repainting, and all the other “stuff,” but God will ensure we are ready spiritually to handle what is about to happen. We are the church, His church, and if today is any indication as to how drastically He is going to change people’s lives, I am humbled even more that He would use me to lead this amazing group of people. Buckle up. Stay tuned. Get ready. Tallahassee is about to be changed through a recognition that God is already here, we simply have to acknowledge it.

            May you recognize that you are desperate for God. May you never lose the recognition of your need for Him. From the lowest time to the greatest pinnacle, may you always know your God loves you, believes in you, and is pouring grace in your life. May you recognize the simplicity of grace and the price that was paid for you to receive it. For the moments, when we try to do to much, get in the way of the Spirit, and be something we cannot be…grace to us.

            Grace and peace to you.

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