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Sunday Rewound

November 18, 2008

To open with some honesty, I had no idea how many people read the “Sunday Rewound” posts. But after not having it posted Monday, I had several emails, so I will do a better job now of posting it on Sundays! Sunday was a great day as we not only finished the Heaven and Hell series “Reservations,” but also held the first Drenched (baptism) Experience at the West Campus! Here are some of the highlights and a few pictures…


·      I was honored to be able to speak at the Midtown Campus last week, but it was nice to be back home seeing the people I serve with. Don’t know what you got till it’s gone!

·      I got there extra early to finish filling the portable baptistry, and it was nice and warm – 99 degrees to be exact! Nothing like a church with a hot tub I say…

·      The band led another great time of worship. Even though we were missing one of our band members (the rockin’ girl drummer extraordinaire Ashley) the rest of the gang did not miss a beat. (Get it? Beat? Drummer? Never mind…) They are so talented that our guitar player stepped over and played drums. Makes me sick how talented some people are!

·      Their acoustic feel of “Salvation is Here,” was tremendous.

·      Lots of visitors! Some because of invites to Drenched, and some due to marketing and other invites. If we can increase a little more before launch, we will be in a great position to grow quickly after launch.

·      Pastor Brian taught week 4 of “Reservations,” and it was answering practical questions about Heaven and Hell. It was practical and very funny! Check it out.

·      After the experience ended, we took about a five minute break and then began Drenched. We wanted parents to go pick up their children from GenesisKIDS and bring them to be a part of this special occasion.

·      I love baptizing people. It is just amazing that I get to do something that Jesus Himself took part in. That public profession is powerful and it was moving to watch these guys progress in their faith.


Okay so that’s it for this week, but I want to inform you that next week we will begin our series called, “Carnival.” We are planning an amazing series centered on how to have a God-centered family in this crazy carnival world we live in. This Sunday I will be kicking off the series with a live teaching from the West Campus. Bring all your friends and family to this exciting day!

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  1. November 19, 2008 2:12 pm

    Thanks for the pics. Worship looks fabulous! Can’t wait until i get to see it live…It still amazes me what God does thru His people!! Love Ya!..Ruth

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