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Volunteer Nugget

November 12, 2008

Today’s volunteer nugget is one I am currently dealing with and it is one I am sure you have all faced, are facing now, or will be soon. I want to encourage you today in the area of gaps.

I have been evaluating the West Campus pretty much all week. Every team, every ministry, building oversight, etc, has been getting the once over in anticipation of launch early next year. The main thing I have noticed is that I have gaps in certain personnel areas, but I have learned a valuable lesson through some of my prior failures: DO NOT JUST FILL A GAP WITH A WARM BODY!

I know we all want the gaps filled, but putting the wrong person in a spot is going to cause you way more issues long term than having a gap in the short term. God knows there is a gap, and you might have to wait and trust until he fills the spot. Here are a few things I have learned in gaps:

            * God will send the right person. Just be patient.

            * The right person might be under your nose. Look inward a little.

            * If you are a little uneasy about a person, put a short time limit. 4 Months is where I start. Not too long that it will kill you if it is wrong, but long enough to see if it will happen.

            * God will send the right person. Just be patient. (Have I already mentioned this?)

            * If you do put the wrong person in a gap, remove them! Secretly they probably know it too, and they will be relieved that you have helped them out.

            * Try them in another spot. Just because the 7 foot tall 350 pound man was a little intimidating in the kids department, does not mean they will not be a great usher. (Who would withhold tithes with that monster looking at them!)


Again let me encourage you to trust God in the gaps. Yes, it will tough and might mean someone else will be a little stretched, but in the long run you will avoid many long days of wondering how to get them out. For more detailed info on this subject, check out Jim Collins book, “Good to Great,” chapter 3. He takes a secular business approach but the principles are exactly the same for your organization.

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