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Mind Dump

November 11, 2008

So I have been at home for half the day today working a little on church stuff, cleaning the house a little, and trying to finish laundry. In all that time, it has been very quiet and when that happens my mind begins to wander and I realized it is time for another edition of Mind Dump! In this edition I will be sharing a little of what I am reading, listening to, and I have decided to throw in a couple of random thoughts as well. Enjoy!

·      Dumbest TV Show I Have Watched Today – “H2O” Okay get ready. This show is on a channel called “The N” channel. This show is about “three teenage girls who have been transformed into crime fighting mermaids.” I am not kidding. Look it up. It was hysterical funny. Today’s episode was about the girls getting rowdy on some guys for fishing with the wrong kind of nest. Stinkin’ Funny!

·      Funniest Thing I Have Witnessed Today – Walking my wife’s ridiculous dog. He is only about 4 pounds, and I walked him on one of those retractable leashes. He will take off at full speed and when he reaches the end of the leash he literally flies in the air and does a complete circle! I am going to walk him more often now!

·      Biggest “Oh Man” Moment of The Day – Sitting down in my chair and getting all my stuff ready to work and then looking to see that the remote was all the way across the room. Had to undo everything and go get it. Can’t be without the remote even if it is not on!

·      Best Book I Have Read Today – Besides the bible, which is my favorite book (honestly it is, not just saying that) I started reading the book Tribes by Seth Godin. Thanks to my friend Josh Lane for giving it to me. So far it is really good. I needed a fresh look on leadership, and it provides that.

·      Most Recently Downloaded CDs – Within the last couple of weeks I have downloaded John Legend’s album “Evolver,” it’s not that good. Pink’s “Funhouse” is not bad if you like her. I do like her. I think many people underestimate how good of a vocalist she really is. Today I downloaded Tracy Chapman’s new release “Our Bright Future.” People either love her or hate her and while I did not like her previous couple of albums, I really like this one. The girl is deep and track number 3 “Save Us All” is a bluesy folksy cool vibe about salvation that I enjoy. Before you crucify me for not listing any Christian music, know that I listen to some of it, but none has really got me excited lately. Sorry!

·      Biggest Personal Challenge I Am Facing Right Now – Finishing my Doctorate! It is killing me with all the writing. Only have two classes to finish and its done! My wife is pushing an additional Ph.D, but she’s crazy!

·      Biggest Church Related Challenge – Keeping sane inside the craziness that is! Changing the city for Christ is a formidable task that is not without troubles, constant change, restructuring, spiritual warfare, and having to live a life that is full of unknowns. I love being called to lead, and God is stretching that gift right now.

·      Most Excited About In The Next Few Months – The public launch of the West Campus! It has taken us longer than we expected, but after it is done we will be glad we waited to get everything right before we pulled to trigger. Only get one shot at launch!

·      Most Excited About in The Next Few Minutes – My family coming home! It’s not good for me to be alone and just think. My mind goes to crazy places as you can see!



Okay enjoy your day, and I will be posting my next edition of Volunteer Nuggets tomorrow!

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  1. November 12, 2008 1:06 am

    I have Tribes on my wishlist but the library doesn’t have a copy of it yet.

  2. Nicole (soon to be Davis) permalink
    November 12, 2008 3:36 am

    Haha, that was funny coach. Especially the whole little dog on the leash thing. The lady I dog sit for sometimes, has 2 little yorkies and they do the same, it is pretty funny. Matt likes to press the button that stops the leash right when they hit full speed because it jerks them flying back, HAha cruel, I know. See ya in 3 days!

  3. brenda permalink
    November 12, 2008 7:56 pm

    *dumbest show: I can’t believe that you watched enough of this show to figure out the plot.
    *funniest thing: My poor little rat dog! I will have to re-evaluate leaving him with you.
    *”oh man”: definately a man thing!
    *best book: nerd.
    *cds: do you think I can get a copy of these? (Except for Tracy Chapman – I don’t like her)
    *personal challenge: you forgot to mention your most recent report card – ALL A’s again!!! (nerd) a PhD is no problem for a genius like you!!! Don’t stop now!
    *church challenge: I feel you on this church roller coaster.
    *next few months: me too. big things to come!

    love ya!

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