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Tonight’s Opportunities

November 5, 2008

westcampus-frontbuttonJust wanted to take a minute to remind everyone that tonight at the West Campus is OneNight, our believer’s experience. Does this mean that an unbeliever is not welcome? Of course not, but the intent of this experience is to take the believer deeper in their relationship with God. It will be a night of intimate worship, prayer, and I will be teaching on the topic of communion. I will be breaking down this sacrament by looking at it through the eyes of Jesus. It will be a new look at an amazing event that we still get the honor of partaking in. The night will culminate with us celebrating communion together. OneNight will take place at the West Campus located at 862 Blountstown Highway, behind Tallahassee Community College. Childcare will be provided.


parentsIf this is not for you, we have another option at the Midtown Campus! Pastor Phil will begin a four-week class on parenting. This class will give some solid biblical foundations for parenting, as well as a host of other things relating to parenting. This will be a video based curriculum with small group style discussion facilitated by Pastor Phil. This will be a great thing for parents or those who are considering making the bold move to parenthood. This will be at the Annex on Thomasville Road @ 7:00. Childcare will be provided.

We want to encourage each and every member of to attend one of these amazing events!  

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