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Volunteer Nuggets

November 4, 2008

chicken-nuggetsI have been gifted with amazing volunteers at West. When I say that, I am not simply bragging on them, I am making a statement that you do not always have to have paid staff to make things happen. Ninety percent of the Churches of God in the state of Florida are under a hundred in attendance, and affording to pay staff is not a financial option. Most of the time, the Pastor is struggling to make a living. So we have an option, sit around and wait for God to just make our grow and then hire, or take the people God has given you, uniquely gifted and let them serve. I currently have a leadership team of 5 people (myself included) and I am the only one paid. The rest are volunteers and they are handling business. We have a volunteer team of almost 40 people that are trained, and ready to serve on any given Sunday. Pastors have been emailing me asking how to make that happen. It is a long discussion and really needs to be contextualized for each church or ministry, but there are some principles that I believe are prevalent to any situation. Please hear me, I HAVE NOT FIGURED IT ALL OUT! But in my failures to run a volunteer led church, I have learned some valuable lessons. Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing some of the most valuable ones I have learned.


Lesson 1: Not All Volunteers Are Treated Equally.

If you want to mess things up quickly, try to treat all your volunteers the same. The “she got a new computer so I should get one too” mentality is for those who serve out of a self absorbed position and should be removed instantly. “But they are my only, nursery worker, greeter, (fill in the blank with whatever)” you say? They will always be because that mentality will block others from working beside them. Each volunteer will come to you with unique gifts and talents and callings, and to try to cover everyone the same way makes void their uniqueness. Equip them, train them, love them, and then let them serve. Sound too tough? No, it is the peak of loving them, because you are loving them individually not corporately. Okay, I think you get it. Check back next week for another nugget from a flawed leader! 

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