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Sunday Rewound

November 2, 2008

Today was a much needed day for myself. Many times I get so busy during the week that Sunday seems like it will never get here. I love Sundays. They are when I get to meet new people, and see ones that I love being a pastor to. This week has been crazy. No Brenda left me with the girls this week, basketball practice everyday, and planning the Fest made the week insane. The Fest was truly remarkable and I believe most people had a good time. We will do some different things next year to make it even better. But now for Sunday Rewound:
• Got in early to make sure the auditorium and Kids area were ready. We had a wedding yesterday and usually things have to be tweaked a little. For the most part everything was good which left me with some time to go for a walk and just be alone with God. Great way to start my morning.
• It was daylight on my way to church which was a little weird, but I will get used to it. I loved the extra hour of sleep though.
• The volunteers at West campus are truly a group of faithful people. They show up week after week and serve God with a heart that is moving.
• Arron and the band went with an acoustic feel this week and it was a great change. “Salvation is Here,” is a song I love, but the acoustic version was even better. Also, “At The Cross,” with just a Djimbe drum, bass, and an acoustic guitar was also great.
• We dealt with Week 2 of our series, Reservations, this week, and it was challenging. A message all about the reality of Hell that did not include, “if you died today, do you know that you know that you know…” (insert growling preacher voice!) Great teaching by Pastor Brian that had plenty of people talking after the experience ended. Fielded lots of questions, which is a great thing.
• Can’t wait for next week when we will be dealing with the reality of Heaven.
• I love the people of this church.

I will be leaving Monday to go to a church planters meeting in Orlando. Always looking for ways to make our church better. Pray for my safe travel!

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