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Sunday Rewound

October 27, 2008

I made a commitment when I became a pastor that I would always be honest and authentic with my church. (And no, honesty and authenticity are not the same thing…) I feel that being anything less would not allow me to lead the way I feel God has called me to lead a group of people on a journey of faith towards Jesus. In the past few months of our pre-launch phase of West, we have had some of the most amazing experiences that have generally been “glitch-free.” Unfortunately, today was another story. Many people have made the joke that “the devil lives in the sound system,” and while I do understand that it is a joke, something was going on in ours today!

            * Weather was great this morning. I went in early to do some things, and I got my cup of coffee and took a walk around the property and it was simply amazing.

            * Last week someone broke into the back building. They did not return this week.

            * There was a buzz about how great The Link (our membership class) was on Saturday. I kept hearing how great Pastor Phil was. Final count was 26 people there to learn more about being a member of our church. Did I mention we have not even launched yet?

            * So let’s talk technical glitches. Sound check for the band went fine. I was in there and it was good. The band sounded great and the set was tight. The experience began and the first song went fine. We moved into our meet and greet, and then things began to unravel.  I noticed that it sounded like the monitors were cutting in and out. The band had some “uh-oh” expressions going on.

            * Then it got worse, and it was at one of those moments there was no going back. Arron’s, our worship leader, vocals and lead guitar went out in the house. Or at least was way down. The people were lost without a melody to carry. All you could hear was the drums, and electric guitar, and a bass guitar. Arron not knowing what was going on in the house kept on playing. So what did I do? I went to the keyboard and played. I knew the keyboard could be heard in the house, so I went for it. Might not have been the best solution, but it was all I could think of in the moment. I guess those years of leading and playing in Gainesville came in handy!

            * On a much better note, we started a new series called “Reservations. It is about the reality of Heaven and Hell, and it went great. People were obviously responding and many people had some great questions for me afterwards. Tough subject, but definitely needed one.


Again, I want to say how amazing our volunteers are. From our leadership staff (all volunteers) to our service teams, days like today are much easier to handle when serving with a group of people like you. Keep serving God by serving people!

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