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Sunday Rewound Variation

October 20, 2008

So it has been a week since I was able to blog, and I missed it more than I thought. I also got a ton of flack from some of my loyal readers, which always surprises me how many people actually ready this site of rambling thoughts! Anyway, today will be a mix of “Sunday Rewound,” and “Random Thoughts,” to give you all you need for today!


·      Just downloaded the new Ray Lamontagne release and its really good. Cool vibe. Not everyone will like this style of music, so try it before you buy it!

·      Sunday morning weather was amazing. That was a good start, but then it quickly turned into “one of THOSE days.” Church Leaders, you know what I am talking about…

·      Media was acting crazy, coffee maker wasn’t working right, and then we found out someone tried to break in the back building. Broke out a window and there was glass everywhere. Not a good start to Sunday!

·      The overall experience went well though. Had more visitors and that is always a great thing to see.

·      Loved having Ty and Jennifer in the experience with us. Ty is the Lead Teacher for our elementary kids experience and Jennifer is our Nursery Coordinator and as such they are usually serving in the GenesisKIDS department. Due to Brenda teaching this week in the elementary, and Jennifer getting people fully trained, they were able to be with us and it was great to see them. We missed Ashley, our rocking drummer, this week. Flint came off guitar and did a good job filling in for her.

·      My packers thumped the Colts. The Pack is Back.

·      We got moved this past week, and quickly found out that my son likes to throw things down the stairs. Toys, pacifiers, soap dispensers, and anything else he can get his hands on goes down the stairs as he sits and watches and cracks up laughing.

·      We finished up our “Entourage” series. Pastor Brian did a great job teaching this series, but now we turn to our next series, “Reservations.” It is a series about Heaven and Hell. It will be interesting…

·      Ate a Jasmine’s with Pastor Phil Harris last week and it was good. We try to do sushi as often as we can and he took me to this place. Good sushi and great price. Next stop, Circa Sushi where they serve sushi on a conveyer belt!

·      Finally, the high school basketball team I coach starts practice today. Part of me thinks I do not need another thing to do, but the other side of me is stoked about doing something else besides obsess with growing a church. It is going to be a good release.


Okay have a great week and remember to go out this week and Know Christ, and Make Him Known!

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