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Angels Among Us

October 1, 2008

Maybe the angels we are so desperate to find are already among us. We talk about angels protecting us, and while we think it is always about the spiritual battles in another place we can’t see, maybe the things sent to help us are with us. Now some of you may not have children of your own, but that is not the issue. Maybe God sends kids to this world to save us. For a minute lets look at what they do for us:

1. Keep us alert to danger. When a child is with us, we are much more alert to our surroundings.

2. Teach us forgiveness. Kids do things without understanding the full ramifications of their choices, yet we love them no less, forgive them more, and teach them a better way to do things. Sound familiar? It should, because it represents our relationship with God…

3. Keep us from the place of “over-serious.” When you think you can’t handle anymore, make a silly face at a kid, preferably one you know, and watch what happens. It keeps us grounded. We make a bigger deal out of things…they don’t.

4. They “erase” bad days. Have a bad day. I mean a really bad day. Then go home and see what happens when your child comes running in and jumps in your arms. My bad day always goes away.

5. They teach us dependence. When you have a child you are responsible for their life, literally. They can;t feed themselves or take care of themselves. They are totally dependant on the parents. Even when they try to do things on their own, they fail and have to come to you for the right way. Again, sound familiar? Whether or not we want to admit it, we are totally dependant on God. Where do you think your next breath comes from?

My kids protect me. From overseriousness, to lack of purpose, to making sure I am cooking healthy meals. Again, if you do not have kids, and think that kids aren’t here for you, get a cup of coffee or drink of your choice, and go to a park with a friend and watch the joy a child has in play. A child’s joy is infectious. It moves you at a place only something spiritual can. Watch a child because you just might be watching an angel…

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  1. Angie permalink
    November 2, 2008 11:42 pm

    First let me say that you guys have beautiful angels. Second,children are awesome.I love playing with mine and just sitting and watching them play.It’s like some kind of relaxing therapy.Ilove that it helps me be able to stay being a kid.At any given moment I am 5,9,or 14.I loved being 2.I got to do that 4 times in my life.I am awed at the look in their eyes when they are babies and have just learned to do stuff.I get excited with them.I just hope that I can get thru the teenage”angel”(lol) part.

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