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Sunday Rewound

September 22, 2008

I love being a Pastor. There are days that it is one of the toughest and most unrewarding jobs on the planet, but then there are days like today. Today I once again was reminded how my calling and job are worth it all. I watched today as countless volunteers served in many capacities, and did so with no expectation of anything in return. They serve because they know in their hearts they are part of something bigger than themselves. It is humbling to lead this remarkable group of people. What else happened today? I am glad you asked, because here we go…

            * Numbers were a little down today due to the FSU game being at night last night. Weird but true. I know I am supposed to just accept it and move on, but come on, really?

            * I walked over to take a look before service at the GenesisKIDS building and WOW! There were 17 kids and three workers. Good thing the kids did not recognize they outnumbered the staff, could have been a revolt! I love seeing adults serving Kids. The kids looked so happy and I stuck around for a second and watched them have their praise and worship time. HIGH ENERGY! Congrats to Brenda and her team, truly remarkable.

            * More visitors in the experience today. Love it. And I also saw several visitors return from last week. Love it even more!

            * Ashley led one of the songs today, and she was “in the zone.” She let the song come through her, and the emotions were tangible. I loved the song, but I loved watching someone who truly believes the words sing it even more. Great job Ashley, even if you weren’t rocking the drums! Also, great call Arron. It takes security to let others lead, and the fact he moved out of the way so God could work differently is a great thing.

            * Finished “Politically Incorrect” today. Great series that tackles some of the tough sayings of Jesus. Jesus never ceases to amaze me as He challenges my heart to be a better person. Our church was changed by this series.

            * Next week we have a one week event called “GPS.” This deals with the 3C Process at Genesis: Connectivity, Community, Compassion. It is the core of what we do, so if you are new, this will be the week for you.

            * We also announced that October will be a month full of Connectivity events. There are so many new people, and we want everyone to get to know each other as we share life together. The calendar will be out next Sunday. Get ready!


Okay, its halftime of the Packers game and we are behind. I have to yell at the TV more so they will know what to do! I am the greatest football coach that never leaves the couch… 

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  1. brenda permalink
    September 23, 2008 2:20 pm

    I was in Kids World and it was nothing less than WILD!! The kids were full of energy & I could hardly keep up. I must say that I am so privlidged to have a volunteer team that is so smoothe and prepared. They are AWESOME! Go team.
    I heard several great reports about the service in the sanctuary. Everything from the music to the message touched peoples lives. Way to go! I love! God is up to something big – we better get ready!!!!

  2. Michelle permalink
    September 26, 2008 2:51 am

    And we all love having you as our Pastor. We have a great group of people that attend as well as volunteer. Things are going to explode at both Genesis locations.
    Again, Pastor Ben Rocks!!!
    Oh yeah, so does his wife Brenda!!
    I found my submit button. I guess it went away for ahile.

  3. Stephanie permalink
    September 26, 2008 3:39 am

    Ashley was Awesome! The congregation was too. They filed in slowly but by the last song there was some serious worshipping going on.
    I can’t wait for next Sunday!

  4. Michelle permalink
    September 27, 2008 12:36 pm

    Yeah, I found the submit button. Sunday was awesome as usual. And it is going to get better each and every week. We have a great Pastor and he teaches all of us great leadership. Who could ask for better than that. Tallahassee needs to watch out because God is fixing to do big things at both Genesis locations.
    Pastor Ben rocks!!!

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