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Recipe for A Good Saturday

September 13, 2008

Let me start off by saying that this has been one of the craziest weeks of my life. I have learned a lot this week about leadership, brotherhood, and how to make tough decisions  in the middle of crisis. I am a better leader having gone through a lot of things this week, and I have seen the staff of Genesis rally as a team to do whatever it takes to continue to expand the Kingdom of God. But even through the week we have had, I am having a really good Saturday. Okay, so I admit, I worked a little this morning, but then I have turned the “church leader” switch off for a while and have had a good day. Here is my recipe for my good Saturday:

·      My wife is on her way home. She has been gone all week, and I am counting the seconds until she gets here. She has my son as well, and I miss the two of them incredibly.

·      House is completely cleaned. Except I didn’t do the floors. If I did them, my wife would just redo them so I’ll just let her do it.

·      Laundry is almost done. Well, started anyway.

·      Daughters are not fighting…at least not yet.

·      College football. Even though no good games are on yet…it’s on.

·      My MacBook Pro and wireless internet.

·      Working on my Doctorate.

·      Ultimate Fighter Marathon when no games are interesting or during commercials.

·      Knowing we are going to have a great day at West tomorrow.


Yes, it has been a week, but it has been one we needed. In the words of a Switchfoot song… “The shadows prove the sunshine.”

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