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August 28, 2008

Truth. It is something we all want people to tell us, it is something we all want to tell, and it is a cornerstone of being a Christ-follower. Here is something I understand better this morning about truth: it is an actual power within us. Let me explain.

In Luke 14 we find Jesus going to a Pharisee’s house for dinner. Does this strike you as strange? They are trying to trap and kill Him, yet He has plans for dinner with them. They also have a crippled man there, in my opinion a plant by the Pharisees to trap Him, yet His heart position towards the hurting is not phased. He heals the man without blinking an eye. How can a man sit with people who are trying to kill Him, perform a task that was going to get Him some heat, and then turn the tables by teaching about why He did it to the point they could not even speak? The truth in His heart drove Him.

Truth is truth, and it is not just about facts. It is about a way of life that will not change due to circumstances. We are to live truth. Jesus said HE is truth. Therefore our lives of living truth, are fueled by the power of Jesus. We must love the unlovable, try to reach the unbeliever, develop the believers God has placed around us, and live more like Christ each day. That is the essence of truth.

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