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Sunday Rewound

August 26, 2008

WOW was it raining on Sunday! We are getting close to our preview event, and the people are still coming. Here is another edition of Sunday Rewound:

·      Place looked like a tornado went though it. Branches everywhere and all the banners were on the ground. But no worry, Piney Deveas treaded out into the nastiness and rehung all the banners before the experience. Amazing servant’s heart he has.

·      The number of people serving is amazing. I looked around at all the greeters, kids workers, guest services workers, ushers, and parking attendants and thought how God is using a diverse group of people to reach a community.

·      Speaking of parking attendants…they were in the rain with umbrellas walking people in from their cars. That is going the extra mile as they sat through the experience wet.

·      No video glitches!

·      Band rocked again, and they are really starting to come together. Building a band is tough, but they are finding their groove. Ryan was killer on the bass, Flint had some cool lead parts on guitar, Arron was his naturally smooth self, and Ashley rocked a hat kicked sideways and the drums. We have a girl drummer and that is just cool!

·      Had visitors which is cool, but when they signed up to be part of the launch team, that was over the top exciting.

·      The media team had plans for lunch and then a time of team building. Glad to see teams forming and doing life together.

·      Only two weeks until our preview, invite everyone that you know!!!!


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