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First Day of School

August 12, 2008

Today is a very bittersweet day for Brenda and I. The kids went back to school. Part of me is excited because Brenda will get a much needed break from having three kids at home all summer, but the other side is sad because my baby girl Cadence has started kindergarten. Last night was full of excitement as they prepared their backpacks, school supplies, and laid out their clothes. (Which really isn’t that hard considering they wear school uniforms.) They could not get to sleep, and finally ended up in bed with Brenda and me. This morning they bounced around and asked a million questions, but it was cute. We took some pictures, loaded them in the car, and the Daddy Express rolled out to school. In my mind I was trying to figure what to say to Cadence when she realized I was going to leave. How was I going to deal with the tears? Jesus will be with her, it’s only for the day, and a host of other ways to make the break easier. We got to the cafeteria where I am supposed to drop them off. Mackenzie was obviously nervous but fine as we walked through the door, and then I looked down at Cadence. She simply looked up at me and said, “Bye Daddy!” WHAT!?! That was it. She looked at me and said bye, no tears, no I will miss you, nothing. She actually shooed me out the door saying she could handle it and I could go now. WHAT!?! Seriously! Really? She is supposed to miss me, cry for me, need me, but nope a simple bye which sounded a whole lot like more of a “Get out of here DAD!” That is supposed to be in high school, not Kindergarten. Maybe the day is tougher on me than her?


I thought a lot about my kids this morning. Parents, enjoy your kids. Cherish them. Yes there will be moments of frustration, anger, heartache, and times where you will want to kill them. Those moments are part of parenthood, but they can’t be the norm. Your children are a gift that are on loan. Our job as parents is to get them back to God in one piece and understanding who He is in their life. That is the goal. Love them, unconditionally, without restraint but with discipline, without reservation but with guidance, without judgment but with accountability. Love them the way God loves you.


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  1. August 12, 2008 2:07 pm

    Good stuff bro! BTW, don’t kid yourself… she needs you. She’s just learned to play hard to get at an early age! lol

  2. Brenda Liles permalink
    August 12, 2008 2:14 pm

    YEAH!!! SCHOOL IS IN!!! I am excited that the girls are in school, learning, playing and in a safe/private school. I do miss them. The house is quiet (er, I still have Gracen). I am happy to have a “break” in the day but I will be anxious to see those faces this afternoon!!!

  3. Michelle permalink
    August 15, 2008 12:20 pm

    Your girls are absolutely georgeous! Brandon did the same thing to me on his first day. I took the day off from work because I thought I would be so upset from him crying and all. But nope, he said bye mom and off he went, broke my heart. Oh well, I guess that means we did a good job with them. They love you unconditionally, you can tell the way they look at you.

  4. Angie permalink
    August 19, 2008 12:03 am

    Today (8-18) was my first day of school with Skylar starting kindergarten. I kinda know how you felt about the”bye…see ya later”.He didn’t even turn around to tell me “bye” hejus yelled it to the playground as he went to play.I was brave…I didn’t

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