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Sunday Rewound With A Little Extra

August 11, 2008

So last week was crazy, but very fulfilling for me. I have basically two worlds, my church world and my personal world. I have learned from some great men of faith that it is okay for these two worlds to be separate. For example, when I come to the office my kids know that daddy is going to “work,” but on Sundays, they know that we go to “church.” Why the distinguishing verbage? Because I work a lot, not complaining about it just a fact, and I do not want my kids to associate church with work. I want them to cherish the church not think it has stolen their daddy. This can be a problem though if I am not careful. For my entire ministry life prior to Tallahassee, Brenda and I served together. Each ministry was a partnership between us.  We work well together, actually we work better together than we do apart and I know most couples aren’t wired like that but we are. But since the move to Tally, Brenda has worked from home, and me from the office which was different for us. Trying to protect her, I tried to do everything, which was dumb I know, but I was trying to do something good: cut me some slack! Last week was a huge break for us. She’s back in the game on a much higher level! She attended staff meeting last week, and the process of her finding her niche has begun. She is the Genesiskids West Coordinator, and while it is not her comfort zone, she is doing amazing. She ministered to 16 kids in her Sunday Experience yesterday. While we need to make sure the ministry does not swallow all our home time, it is wonderful to have my partner back.


With that being said, here is another edition of Sunday Rewound:

·      Moving the Experience time to 11:01 has been a big hit for a lot of people, but what will happen when we add the 9:29 experience time in September?

·      Great attendance Sunday! Lots of new faces and people signing up to serve. With a bigger attending crowd exposes some areas we have to work on…immediately. I love it though. If we never had to change anything or face issues we would be stagnate church.

·      The band was back in full force Sunday. For the past two weeks we have missed Ashley and Flint. Glad they are back even though the past two weeks of acoustic worship has been moving. The song “Salvation is Here,” rocked!

·      Pastor Brian Hunter brought a heartfelt message that was raw, honest, and challenging. Exactly what people, including myself, needed to be challenged with.

·      We need to order more chairs. Seriously, like today. Good problem to have though.

·      The volunteers of the West Campus are an amazing group of people that I am honored to lead. There were 32 people on Wednesday night that were signed up to serve on ministry teams. We still need more, where are you serving?

·      Change is part of who we are. Do not be surprised by it. Embrace it.

·      There was an energy yesterday that was great. People were buzzing around and it was evident that something big is happening. Don’t settle, don’t think we have arrived, keep pushing, celebrate the moment but then look for the next great move of God.



Also tomorrow is a huge day for Brenda and I…THE KIDS GO BACK TO SCHOOL!!!!

Love you guys!

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  1. shawnda permalink
    August 12, 2008 1:54 am

    The 9:29 experience will be REALLY empty at first, then when the 11:01 service is so packed out that there is “standing room only”, we will have to encourage the “regular attenders” and “anyone that can possibly make it” to attend the 9:29 service to “make room” for the visitors. (That was the way it worked @ Williams Road anyway!)


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