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The Sky Is Falling!

July 21, 2008

What a Sunday. It started during service today. Flint, our drummer’s car broke down on the way to practice this morning. This caused the band to be a little frazzled, but after a time of prayer they settled down a little, got into their groove, and led an amazing time of worship.

Then we moved into the teaching part of the experience. In an effort to transpose the DNA of Genesis into the west campus, we have decided to show the series “Gameday.” This is a series that teaches the 3C Spiritual Formation process of GCTV. Right from the beginning of the video, I heard a low buzz. As a sound perfectionist, it drove me nuts. I took it as long as I could until I finally went to the sound booth to try to remedy the problem. I immediately found that the wrong cord was being used, and on top of that it had a short in it! Is was bad, real bad. I was breaking out in hives. The crazy thing was that we previewed it and it sounded fine, the kids were watching a movie on Saturday and it was fine, it was fine during the countdown video, but during the teaching it went crazy.

After an experience like that I was ready to go home and just relax. It probably did not bother others as much as me, but by the time I got home, I was exhausted. After lunch I decided to take a tap before mowing the lawn and cleaning the house. About 30 minutes into my siesta (on the couch wife my wife no less) I heard a loud crash. Coming out of my slumber, I noticed a hole in my ceiling. Seriously, a hole. The ceiling had collapsed and water was pouring into the living room floor. A drain pan in the AC which is in the attic had backed up and leaked onto the ceiling, until it eventually fell through. It would have hurt someone had they been standing there. A living room full of wet insulation, sheet rock, and other parts made my day just great. I called a great friend of mine who helped me get it under control while my family packed up and went to the friends’ house. We are now in a hotel for the next couple of days while I figure what to do next. I cant go back until the hole is fixed and it is safe.

What have a learned from today? When you follow God’s will and He is about to do something great through you, obstacles are imminent. Spiritual warfare happens, and sometimes it comes in different forms. The day has been bad, but could have been worse. The day has been long, but it could have been worse. The day has been frustrating, but it could have been worse. I still have my family, my friends, and my calling. If the size of the obstacles are proportional to the size of God’s plan, we are about to do something amazing…even if the sky is falling.  

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