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What a week…

July 14, 2008

I know that I have not written in over a week, but you will have to forgive me. This past week has been insane but I have learned a few things. So now, another set of random thoughts from a crazy week:

·        Gracen got his first black eye! It was awesome. Why is it that when my girls got hurt I was embarrassed, but when Gracen gets a black eye I think it is cool?

·        I hate painting. Seriously, I hate it. I with the help of some amazing volunteers repainted a lot of our family center. I hate it, but I know that it has to get done. I will be posting some before and after pictures when it gets completed.

·        Church growth is an amazing journey, but it has its rough moments. We took a major blow this week with our plans for financing this journey. It was no surprise to God and he will provide what we need. I am having to live that now more than ever.

·        At we use a program called basecamp which is a project management software. It is unbelievable how much more productive you can be when everyone and everything is centralized.

·        Momo’s pizza is still the best around.

·        Arron was gone all week to lead worship at a youth camp, and Brenda and my kids went to Gainesville for three days. I was lonely! I worked from about 7 AM to 10 PM each day so I would not have to go home to an empty house. I love my family and friends.


That’s about it or my week. Lots of painting and manual labor. The hard work that has to get done, but it will be worth it come September… West.


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  1. Michelle permalink
    July 17, 2008 1:30 pm

    I just wanted to tell you that all the work that you are doing is absolutely awesome. The church has never looked better. I am so excited about all that you are doing and what you are doing in the future. I am so excited about what is coming. Keep doing what you are doing and everything is going to be just fine. And remember, Piney and I are behind you 100% of the way!!! We love our Pastor and his family!!

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