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Sunday Rewound

June 30, 2008

Today has been a great day! Over the past few weeks, life has been tough, but today is a day of freedom for me. Today I chose to live in expectation of what God has planed for me, my family, and the church he is allowing me to pastor. Being recklessly obedient is a terrifying yet very satisfying place to be, and by looking forward to what he has planned the bad days don’t compare to what He has on the other side. I have always believed that the obstacles you are facing are directly proportional to the blessing he has on the other side of them.


Sunday was another great day in the history of ECC…or should I say West…here are some highlights:

·      We had new media and sound techs in place. Blake and Regeina had their first Sunday in the booth and they did a great job. They are relatively new to the church and seeing them serve God and the church is exciting for me. Great work you two!!

·      Arron and the band were down a musician, but they stepped up and God rewarded them for their sacrifice. The song “More” was heavily anointed and people were obviously being touched by God.

·      The average age of our congregation Sunday was about 30. Lots of young couples and kids. We are growing younger each week, and with young people comes lots of energy and passion. I hope I can keep up!

·      We started a new series – “Trailmix.” It is about the essentials you need for a faith journey. It is defining characteristics that prominent people in the bible had that kept them going through the tough times of faith. It is challenging but needed at this time in our history.


I want to encourage each of you to keep on praying for us as we follow God into uncharted territory. This is an amazing God moment that we are in and I want you to cherish this time. God is up to something big, and I am glad you are a part.


Choose to find the good in each day. I am…

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