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Random Thoughts From A Rough Week

June 26, 2008

This week has been one of the longest and worst weeks of recent memory. I will not go into the details, because 1) What good what it do, and 2) I love you all and do not want to depress you. So instead I will tell you all the great things happening this week and what I have learned from them. So now another episode of random thoughts…


·      I hate painting. A lot. On my favorite things to do list, it comes in at 4,986, 321. This is right behind being hit in the groin with a shovel. But right before having my eyes gouged out Samson style.

·      Crawl on the floor some. It makes you appreciate walking. The other night I spent about an hour crawling around the floor playing with Gracen. It was great to hear him laugh and scream with fun. But boy did it hurt my knees!

·      I love being inside God moments. Becoming a multi-site church with is one the most exciting things I have ever done. Cherish your God moments. Be ready to learn while you are in them.

·      Did I mention I hate painting?

·      Brenda got me a wiffle ball bat and ball set to play with Gracen. I do not care if he can’t walk yet. He will learn to swing sitting down.

·      My niece and nephew have been here this week. They make me laugh. Great kids that are growing up to be amazing people. Appreciate your family.

·      My daughters are crazy. Summer has kicked in and they are wild! Brenda is at home with them all day and I think she is ready for school to start.

·      My wife is unbelievable. She allows me to function and do whatever it takes to make this God moment a reality. Her faith still amazes me. She is sick, her dad is sick, and yet she keep on serving God recklessly. It is apparent she has now had God place in her heart a burning passion for the unchurched.

·      Osaka in Tallahassee rocks. Great meal and great service.



So why all these random thoughts this week. Because in the midst of what might seem to be a horrible week, God is there. In the middle of a week when nothing seems to work, and there is not enough time in a day, people are still attacking personally, sickness is everywhere, and loneliness fills you heart, God is there. I choose to find Him, I choose to serve Him, and in those choices I find the freedom I need to keep on going. Have a great weekend!

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