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Mindmanager 7

June 18, 2008

Okay so many of you that know me know that recently I became a huge fan of MindManager 7. I downloaded the 21 day trial and after using it I started recommending it to everyone I knew. All my pastor friends and anyone else who had an ear would hear about this software I had found. After my 21 days of glorious work had ended I was stuck without it and had to use a freeware version called Freemind. Freemind is not a bad version, but it is freeware it acts like one. Mindmanager 7 has some features that are much better than the freemind version. So here’s the kicker…

I recommended it to a friend of mine, Lance Crawford. He fell in love with it as well and even blogged about it. And you know what the great people at Mindmanager did? They contacted him and gave him a complimentary version!!! Am I jealous? YES I AM! I introduced him to the promise land of mindmapping and he gets a complimentary version while I use a freeware!!!! Don’t get me wrong, I am very happy for Lance, but I am upset that I did not blog first! So the moral of the story…


Mindjet, hook a brother up!!!!!!!!!!

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