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Sunday Rewound

June 2, 2008

I know that I missed writing last week (as so many of you have informed me) but it was with good reason. Last week was crazy. I will not go into all the details because I know that everyone thinks there life is the busiest, and I know mine will never compare with some of you (at least in your mind.) Do not get me wrong, I love my life! I have an amazing, HOT wife, three wonderful kids, and an unbelievable church family. And what makes a crazy week worth it is when it all comes together in a God ordained moment like this past Sunday. Here’s your weekly wrap-up…

            * This was the first Sunday with Brenda in charge of EncounterKIDS. She did a tremendous job. Nila, who has been directing since August, has become our nursery director, and this is something God has placed in her heart. She is amazing with babies, and it is great to watch her work in her calling. She did a good job of stabilizing EncounterKIDS and now we are seeing it take off.

            * Brenda and her team redesigned the layout and method of children’s church. It was very colorful and high energy. From the moment you walked in you saw games, inflatables, a media driven feel, and lots of kids. She had 15 kids on her first day! The kids seemed to love the changes and I am very excited about this new leadership role for her.

            * Back in the Sanctuary, we started slow with a lot of people getting there late, but by the time Arron and the guys were in their second song, it had filled up nicely. The music as usual was great. It is so easy to come and teach after an intense time of worship.

            * We started a new series called “One Prayer.” It is actually the brain Child of Craig Groeschel of, and it centers on unifying the body of Christ. For the next four weeks churches will be hearing the same messages and themes based on what all the pastor believe God is speaking to the church at large. I preached this week, and for the next four weeks there will be a video broadcast from people across the country.

            * Next week we will be honored to have a message from Pastor Brian Hunter of I am excited as we get to hear from this passionate speaker.

            * We had the opportunity to celebrate communion at the close of my teaching as a way to solidify the commitment we are making to advance not just our church, but the Kingdom. Communion is emotional for me because I am always humbled by what it means.


Next week is the week many of us have been waiting for as I unveil the next phase of our ministry plan. It will be the most exciting thing this church has ever seen, and I am once again amazed at how God always has a plan! This will be something you do not want to miss!!!

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  1. Michelle permalink
    June 2, 2008 6:40 pm

    This Sunday was amazing. I enjoyed everything about this service. I am so excited about where this church is headed.
    And thanks for bloging. I look forward to reading them.

    Remember, PASTOR BEN ROCKS!!

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