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God Moments

May 24, 2008

I just got back from a retreat with some terrific leaders and it is amazing to see what God is doing in us. While we were there I had multiple opportunities to see God work in ways that many people fail to realize. God is in the details of planning a church calendar, God is in the details of giving us safe travel, God is in the details of people becoming friends, God is in the details of things that we fail to realize. I was standing on the beach with a new found friend and as we talked we both kinda of stood in awe of a God that could create the ocean and beach, and we both realized that we have our faith placed in a God that is bigger than we can truly imagine. How is it possible to KNOW God created that vast expanse of water and life, yet fail to believe in Him for the “smaller” things? Here is the problem with that line of thinking. God is limitless. There are no small miracles and big miracles. There are just miracles. God sees so size of His power, it is limitless. We need a new understanding that God works in our lives when we stop trying to do the small things and let God have the big ones. Why not let Him have all of it?

            May you be immersed in realization that God is bigger than you know, a God that loves you unconditionally and irrationally. May that love permeate the moments of loneliness, pain, happiness, celebration, and everyday life. Drown in it. Allow the current of God’s love pull you in the direction of grace. And in those moments when life seems out of control, and chaos surrounds you, may He allow you to have the faith to stop swimming against Him, and swim in Him.

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