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Sunday Rewound

May 18, 2008

Week 2 of Deal or No Deal is in the books, and boy am I glad. This week I took on the topic of financial matters and God’s plan. Why is it some people can talk about giving and have no problem, and others have such difficulty with it? I am in the latter. I struggle with teaching it because I am always afraid that people will just think I am another “preacher” after their money. But got through it, and now we will see how the people will respond. Here are some more highlights…

·      We did some filming today and that seemed a little odd. We have some videos being produced and we needed footage from one of our experiences. People always act funny in front of a camera.

·      Was great to see new faces, and see those who are coming back. I like drawing a crowd, but I like seeing people come back even better. Not everyone is going to like our style of “church,” but it is rewarding to see those come back and say they want more of what they got last week. One comment someone said to be was “It is obvious God is here.” What a great comment!

·      Worship was intense again. God is moving on us as we move in Him during worship. The church really came alive during “Amazing Grace, My Chains are Gone.” I think it is a great bridge between the old and new.

·      I taught about finances. Don’t like it, but I committed to God to teach all of His word. Doing it inside a series like “Deal or No Deal,” makes it a little easier and lighter.

·      We launched “Elevate Encounter.” This program is designed to raise funds throughout the summer. We are dedicated to the place God is taking us and it will take cash and commitment to make it happen. I hope you will go on this journey with us, as we seek to allow people to encounter God in a personal life changing way. More details will be on the website soon.

·      Arron and I will be out of town for most of this week. We will be going away to seek direction and the future of our church. This retreat will be us and a few other leaders with a purpose of seeking how we can bring influence to Tallahassee. Be in prayer for us as we go, and if you need to get us, you can email us as we will be checking it while we are gone.



Have a great week…go and take on the world!

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