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Sunday Rewound

May 12, 2008

I love Mother’s Day, and yesterday was no exception. We had a great day at ECC and here are some highlights…

* Our first impression team handed out fresh carnations to all the moms as they walked in the door. Seeing all those moms with a smile on their faces was great. Amazing how small acts of kindness can brighten someone’s day. Try it sometime other than special days, we will.

* New lighting this month to match or series “Deal or No Deal.” I liked it a lot. More gameshow stuff this week. Who said church can’t be fun.

* Worship was amazing! There was a very tangible presence of God in our experience. Arron did a great job leading, and many people responding to the tugging God had on us. It is much easier to speak after an intense time of worship. If you have been missing the worship set, you should make a point to be there, it is very intense.

* We started a new series “Deal or No Deal.” It revolves around us selling our destiny for the promise of something in another “case.” It started well, and will only get better. Bring someone out for this fun and challenging series.

* A lot of new people with us yesterday. It is great to see people finding us as God continues to unveil our story.



Love you guys now…go and take on the world.


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  1. Michelle permalink
    May 13, 2008 5:43 pm

    I know I tell you this all the time, but Sunday was awesome. All the things that you said really hit home. Especially after losing my mom a year ago and not getting along with her, I really understood the importance of everything you said. When I came home I just sat outside and remember all the good things and times my mom and I had. I really appreciate you being such an awesome Pastor and I know you get tired of me saying it, but You rock!! Keep doing what you are doing and the people are going to come. We love you Pastor Ben!!

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