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It’s Almost Over…

May 10, 2008

So my two weeks of being a single parent is about over. Brenda is on her way home, and I really am counting the minutes. She has been taking care of her dad during his first stint with Chemo, so it was a very legitimate reason. During these two weeks, I have had my oldest daughter Mackenzie and have been a “single parent” for the whole time. Here are some valuable lessons I have learned.

·      Kids love cookies for breakfast! Okay so it is not the best for them, but once in a while won’t kill them. Break the rules and give your kids a much needed surprise.

·      Kids are fast learners of routines. Mack’s routine had to be changed because my schedule is not the same as it is when Bren is home. She is much more adaptable than I thought, and she is able to basically take care of herself in the mornings. At times I loved it, but then I realized that she does not need me anymore. Except to get her cookies. (I put them on the top shelf so he couldn’t reach them!)

·      Days are much longer emotionally when you have to do it all. I would work hard all day, pick up Mackenzie, work out for an hour or so, and then have to make sure dinner is cooked, Mack takes a shower, and gets to bed on time. Emotional stress galore!

·      Brenda make my life easier…enough said.

·      A crazy thing happens. As much as it is to have one kid with me, I really want my other two to be here too. It would triple the work and there is no way I could do it, but I really want them with me.


I love my family…even more when we are together 

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  1. Michelle permalink
    May 11, 2008 10:50 pm

    I am glad that Brenda is home too. I miss my friend when I don’t get to see her during the week. She really is the sweetest person that I know. You are a lucky man!

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