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Sunday Rewound

May 6, 2008

Another edition of Sunday Rewound…


·      It was a little strange teaching outside of a series. Without a series tying the entire Sunday Experience together, I always feel fragmented. I know we all have to get outside our comfort zone…but it does not make it easy.

·      We were a little low in attendance due to a number of things, but there was still a lot of energy and excitement. I always like the feeling right before the experience starts. Anticipation is great.

·      Arron led us in a song that he wrote called “I Will Be Your God.” Amazing is about the only word I can say. It was beyond what I can write about. I should stop being amazed at how God uses Arron on so many levels…Arron was made to do what he is doing and we are privileged to have him.

·      I spoke on the mission, values, vision, and process of ECC. It is good to hear it often so we do not forget what we are trying to accomplish together. I hope that many of you will get involved with what we are doing because without you, this whole thing will not work!

·      Next week is Mother’s Day and we start our new series, “Deal or No Deal.” So why not make a deal with your mom to be at ECC for our Sunday Experience!



Until next week…go and take on the world!

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