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Sunday Rewound

April 29, 2008

Sunday was another great experience at ECC. We had new faces and it seemed like they were welcomed by those who understand what it means to love others unconditionally. Here’s a quick recap…

·      It was wonderful to have some of my family in our experience for the first time. I am long forward to getting to know Regina and Pat more and having them a part of our ECC family. Get to know them and build relationships with them and their family.

·      The music was intense as Arron and the guys did a wonderful job of blending a traditional song “I Surrender All,” with a newer song “Majesty.” The combination of the two songs was a great blend that moved many people. Arron will be teaching a lot of new songs in the upcoming months…get ready.

·      I love watching people drinking coffee together. Why is that a big deal? Because in between sips, relationships are being forged.

·      Our church is growing younger, and the older crowd is liking it. Do not listen to those who say the old and young can’t attend together. If God is present anything is possible…

·      Our new series “Deal or No Deal” starts in two weeks. It is going to be fun, and challenging for us.



Don’t forget that our community group meets each Wednesday at 7:00. We are starting a new set of teachings by Andy Stanley called “Pause.” It is about overcoming the daily temptations we all face. Check it out!

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