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Sunday Rewound…(a little late)

April 23, 2008

So a couple of people have been wondering about the Sunday Rewound blog. I have received some emails about why it is not up yet. First let me say I am honored that so many people are waiting for it, and I am sorry it has taken me this long. I was in meetings in Tampa for the last two days so I have been unable to get the blog posted, so without any further delay…Sunday Rewound…


·        The new blue lighting in the sanctuary looked great! I love blue and I think it looked wonderful behind the stage.  It gives a great first look to the room. This sanctuary has come along way in décor ion the last six months due to all the wonderful volunteers at ECC. It is great that people take ownership in their church. Keep it up!

·        Our greeters had on matching outfits in the foyer. Awesome! They say they didn’t plan it, but I am not so sure. I told them that if they would tell me the color of the week I would get involved! They do a great job. Smiling, directing people, informing visitors where to go and what to expect, they are just great at what they do.

·        Speaking of visitors, there were several in attendance. One of whom was named LA LA. You got it…LA LA. What a name! I told her she must be able to sing with a name like LA LA. Get to know her she seemed great. We also had a family that had been a part of this church years ago come and be with us for our Sunday experience. They seemed to like the changes, and that is very encouraging.

·        It seems like I say this every week, but Arron and the band did an amazing job with the music. Each week I am now expecting bigger things, and you can see the confidence they are gaining as God is using them. The closing song “Freedom Reigns” was a last minute addition (my fault not his) and they did an unbelievable job with it. Don’t be surprised to hear that one again…soon.

·        We had an altar service. Yes it is true. I know many people are getting away from them, and while I do not think they need to be every week, when God impresses on me that it needs to happen it is always a humbling experience. To see people unashamedly come to the altar to seek God is truly why ECC exists. “Mission Statement – to allow people to encounter God in a personal, life changing way.”


Many of you may have heard but if not, I want to let you know the situation our family is in. My mentor, and father-in-law, Dr. E. Bob Kuschel was diagnosed last week with stage 3 lung cancer. He will begin chemo treatments today and radiation shortly afterwards. He is a man of tremendous faith and this will be seen throughout this time. He is a friend to this church and will covet our prayers. Please keep not only Dr. Kuschel in prayer, but the entire family lifted up as well. I will keep you posted on the progress…and eventual healing. In his words, “Ben, this just gives God a chance to show off!” Remarkable.

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