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Springtime Tallahassee Event

March 31, 2008

So I experienced my first Springtime Tallahassee event. I am still not sure what in the world I saw! I could not figure out what the parade was about and the different themes were very confusing. But I spent the entire day with my family and some of the leaders from ECC. The best part of the day? CARNIVAL FOOD!!!! I eat pretty healthy most of the time, but when it comes to carnival or fair food, forget it. I eat sausage and peppers, fried fish, funnel cakes, and anything else fried in an open cast iron skillet. It was amazing, but boy did I pay for it later. When you put healthy food in your stomach most of the time, and then overload it with fried stuff, your stomach does not respond well.


I am an observer of people, and this event was tailor made for someone like me in that regard. I noticed again that Tallahassee has a pretty diverse group of people. I know that the majority of people seem to have a country influence, but there is also a wide range of other groups of people as well. God is creative in His design, and it was apparent to me again.


Will I return to Springtime Tallahassee next year? As long as the food is there, and I get to be with my family and friends I will…regardless of the weird floats and reckless design.

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  1. March 31, 2008 5:50 pm

    The theme is just sort of, you know, springtime. In Tallahassee. Just showing off the different aspects of the local community, then and now.

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