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A Week Off

March 31, 2008

I am currently sitting by a pool in Rockledge, FL. If you do not know where that is, think Cocoa Beach then go inland about 10 minutes. The weather is amazing, perfect temp with a great wind, I am all alone, Brenda and the kids are sleeping, I have the new Jon Foreman laying on my ipod and I am about to start reading another book. I am looking forward to taking a week to just rest and not think about the church. Amidst the screams I can hear some of you saying, “Did the pastor just say he was not going to think about the church?” Well that might be stretching it, but what I mean is that I am not going to be planning, researching, writing sermons, or do any of the other things that encompass my day. There is no way I could not think about the church some, but I will not let it dominate my thoughts. SO what will I do for the week?

* Spend crazy time with my wife and kids. Already today we have spent a couple of hours in the pool. That is why they are crashed now.

* Read for enjoyment.

* Spend time with my dad, his wife, and sisters followed by a couple of days with my mother in law (yes I actually enjoy that, husband your life will be better of you would get along with them.) and my mentor (otherwise known as my father in law).

* Listen to music.

* Write a little.

* Eat a ton of this fresh, east coast seafood.

* Recuperate from the past 6months and get ready for the next six.


Yes I do miss Tally a little, it is home. I will be back within a week, and am looking forward to getting back at it. There is so much that is going to happen in the upcoming months, and I am ready to go. I love you all and will see you soon.

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  1. March 31, 2008 10:27 pm

    That sounds sooo nice especially the seafood part. Hope you all have a great time.

  2. Michelle permalink
    March 31, 2008 10:38 pm

    You deserve all the rest and relaxing you can get this week. Enjoy your family as much as you can. You will be missed but we will see you next week. I will miss being at church on Sunday, so you all have an awesome service, I will be praying for you all. Tell Brenda I will miss her and the kids too.

  3. April 8, 2008 12:32 am

    Hi Ben,
    It’s been quite a long time, but I was thinking about you as I was putting my son to sleep tonight. Typing your name and Rockledge into Google brought me right to your site.

    It seems that you are doing quite well. I have read a few posts and am inspired by you and your work. You have built what looks to be a wonderful life for yourself.

    I’m glad that I fould you!

    Maggie (Wieckoski) Roe

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