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Sunday Rewound

March 12, 2008

So a second Sunday in the new sanctuary and the excitement continued this week. It is the topic of conversation as this week we changed the lighting. For those who have not been to ECC, we have large institutional fluorescent lights on our ceiling. It would not be as bad except they are ran from front to back meaning I cannot adequately control which ones are on and off. So this week we had all of them off and utilized stage lights, uplights, and a little indirect sunlight to light the worship experience. It was well received by most people, and the predominant thought was that it was more “intimate.” When you have an old building design, it can work if you are creative, willing to take a risk, and have a great group of people willing to make the change with you. Here are a few more highlights…
• Lighting made the music more intense. As Arron stood in a flood of light leading us in worship, it was amazing. The band did an unbelievable job, and when they did “Majesty,” tears again came down my eyes. I know I am a cry baby, but grace moves me…
• Having the coffee in the café area makes the foyer much more open, and this is a great first impression. Next week the new machines and coffee will be in. Hopefully by this Friday!
• I love seeing young and old intermingling.
• Had about 7 new people join us. I love visitors! Hope they stay.
• Brenda and Michelle made a garden for me on the stage to help me illustrate my teaching, and it looked great. From the abstract look of the garden to the lighting to the candles strategically placed it was a great look!
• I know I teared up again during the teaching, cut me some slack, grace moves me.
• I love pastoring this church and these people…get ready…things are about to change…

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