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Sunday Rewound

February 19, 2008

Again I am amazed at ECC. As I sit and think about how far we have come, and how far God is going to take us, it is thrilling and scary at the same time. Our church is still growing and it as it is growing young (mostly college students and young families) it is growing closer. The older and younger are worshipping together, serving side by side, and God is pleased as it unfolds. Here’s a recap!

·        The foyer was crowded this week. It was hard to get in so we have to figure out how to get them into the overflow area of the sanctuary. Once the chairs are in, pews are out, and the café is built in the back part of sanctuary, I think this problem will alleviate itself.

·        Our greeters this week were great. One was about 65 and one was about 20. What a combo! Sometimes in an effort to be missional, we leave out a certain age group. (See blog to read about being missional towards all ages.)

·        Worship was great. People were involved, band did a good job, and yes I cried again during a song. Grace moves me…every time.

·        Opening video was extremely funny! It makes me laugh every time I saw it!

·        I never realized how many people take notes during my teaching. It is great to see, and I hope it helps them remember the main thoughts.

·        Prayers at the end of service were moving to me. Many of you had your eyes closed, but as we dedicated our lives to different things, God was listening…and responding.

 That’s it for this week…go and take on the world!!!!!!!!!!

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