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Sunday Rewound

February 11, 2008

This past Sunday was another great one at ECC. It is crazy to think that even in a small town, with a growing church, and an unknown pastor, God still shines down on our services. I know it sounds a little “preachy,” but I do not know exactly how else to describe it. With all that is going on in the world, God truly cares about us. The hardest part is to understand that as much as God loves us for being in the Sunday Experiences, He also loves those not in a service anywhere, but we will save that discussion for a later time…

Here are some of the Sunday highlights:

·      I love having coffee in the foyer before church. It is a great feeling seeing everyone standing around a talking before the experience starts.

·      It is also impressive to see the mixed ages gathering together. You would think that all the college kids would be together and all the “older” people would be on their side, but this is not the case. They intermingle and share stories. Listen up college kids…you could learn something!

·      The band did an amazing job. The feel was more Pentecostal than normal. Not that they are not normally, but there seemed to be a spirit of worship. Great job to Arron and his team as they stayed obedient. (Remember all of you that do not attend ECC, the oldest person in the band is 25!)

·      This was week two of our series “The Unlovables.” It always seems that when we teach a series about certain subjects, people find themselves in those situations more often. After week 1 (Critical People) many people came and said how they had someone like that at work and now they knew how to deal with them. What a novel idea, actually using something you learned on Sunday in a real life situation!

·      I am very excited that we are a week closer to the sanctuary renovation being complete. Goodbye pews, hello café!

·      I was sad that we were without Ryan Lavalle and Grant Archer. They were out of town working and we missed them.


I am again amazed at God and the fact that he is using us to allow people to encounter Him in a personal, life changing way! Go take on the world…

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