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Renovation is under way!

January 22, 2008

Our renovation is under way! To try to enhance the worship experiences at ECC, we have decided renovate the sanctuary. This will include taking out the pews, adding chairs, divider walls, an information/resource center, and yes a fully functioning internet coffee café. This is an exciting time, but one of great thought as well.

People have asked me why put a café in the sanctuary? Am I trying to be relevant? Maybe. Am I trying to be hip? No. Do I just really like coffee? Yes, but I can drink that in my office. There is more going on at ECC than just a café. The entire look and feel of the sanctuary will be new and different. It is part of the sweeping changes going on here. Will everybody like the changes? Probably not, but they are for the long term growth and development of what we are trying to accomplish. The vision God has for this campus is bigger than all of us can imagine, but to accomplish it will take the dreaded “C” word. You got it  – CHANGE

Why is change hard for so many people? Part of the reason is that somehow they believe if they change, they have to admit they were doing it wrong in years past. This is not true. What we do today will have to be changed in five years, but that does not mean we are wrong now. Culture moves at light speed, and we must be willing to move at the same speed to keep up. It is about being relevant to the place that God has placed us. Does it make me relevant because I wear jeans on Sundays? It is not the jeans that make me relevant, it is understanding the culture around this church and knowing that for them, seeing a “preacher” in jeans is comforting. If people do not feel comfortable around you, they won’t listen to you. Christianity is not comfortable, but the personal relationships that form the platform for me to speak need to be. The day that clothing is the barometer for relevancy, we are all in trouble.

Be relevant. Be life changing. Be hopeful, merciful, and loving. But most importantly, do it for others.  

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