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First Sentence Stumper

December 19, 2007

Among the many books I am currently reading, I was just given a book by a good friend of mine. The book is Good to Great by Jim Collins. I know many church leaders have already read the book, so excuse me while I catch up. I had a major problem with the book: the first sentence. That’s right the very first sentence of the book stopped me. I could not go any further as I read it. It was like someone took a shovel and proceeded to hit me in area that I am not supposed to be hit in! What was that first sentence, you ask?


“Good is the enemy of great.”


Are you kidding? After reading that sentence I was flooded with decisions I had made that were, “good enough for now,” yet in the end proved just that – good enough. Nothing that made a major difference, nothing that wowed people, nothing that stretched me, and definitely nothing that God was real impressed with. It was like having to deal with a warmed over buffet of mediocrity that I had imposed on myself and those I have led. I do not want to be good, God does not want me to be good. I do not need to be good, God does not need me to be good. I do not want to be satisfied with good, and God does not want me to be satisfied with good. God has called all leaders and team members to be great. God did not send a good remedy for the human depravity that was and is still rampant, He sent a great remedy. Jesus did not call us to a “good enough,” life, but to a life meant to be “lived to the full.” (Sounds like great to me…)


So how do we do it? How do we move from good to great? I already told you that I have only read the first sentence so I cannot tell you what Jim Collins says, but I can tell you where I am going to start: with a decision to pursue greatness. Nothing great happened by chance. Someone decided to be great. From here out I will challenge myself, my leadership team, and my church to not be good enough. We will be great.


Now I have to get back to the book. Wish me luck past the second sentence.

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  1. December 30, 2007 8:50 pm


    Here are my Top 10 Takeaways from the book:

    Great read…enjoying your blog also.

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