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Step of Faith

December 13, 2007

As the pastor of a re-planted church, there are many things I have had to learn, and in the learning process, I have to filter everything I learn. Whether it is articles I read, podcasts I listen to, or advice and guidance from close peers, I have to filter everything to see how it fits the context in which our church exists. Not everything I read will work for us, and not all the advice I get will work. That is why I have about three or four people in my close inner circle that I will generally listen to with no questions asked. I then take all their wisdom and guidance, let my wind wrap around it, process it, and then implement it. Through this process God has taught me more lessons than I learned in Seminary. 

Recently a trusted friend and leader told me that for my church to grow, I had to act like our church was bigger than it is.  I was told I needed to have a structure, system, and processes that would handle a larger church, and then behave in a way that would foster the success of these things. In my mind I thought it was crazy. People would know we are a growing church, but they would know that we are not that big…yet. The suggestion ate at me for days so one day I decided to let God have the thought in an effort to be shown what this meant.

God is faithful, and over the next few days as I continued to deal with this subject, He began to show me that it was not about acting bigger than we are, it was about having the faith to know that is where we are heading. It was not an act of deception, but an act of faith. It was about implementing the necessary structure to accommodate the growth we are already seeing. All the church growth textbooks will tell you this is the proper way to grow a church, but sometimes maybe we need to put the textbooks down, and let God be the professor. Maybe as I filter all the knowledge that is out there, I should let God sift it first.

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