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What’s The Point?

December 12, 2007

Teaching. Leading. Developing. Three words that are commonly used to describe the life of a Lead Pastor of a growing church. These three components are probably the core of what it is I do. The church is changing, and with that the role of the pastor does as well. So with all of these things, what is the point of a blog?

Why take the time to blog things that maybe no one will read? I read numerous blogs and it seems that I learn more form other peoples thoughts and experiences than I could from any textbook. If no one blogged, communication between leaders would become bottle-necked and stagnant. It is impossible to email everyone everywhere, so blogging has become a way to share thoughts, open dialogue, and in some cases…vent. An art every leader should learn.

I encourage you to comment and add your thoughts to my writings. I will be posting some thoughts on the Church world, leadership, and various other ramblings from a flawed Christ-follower. Here we go…

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